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Please note the following changes which are due to our late start and are for the 2020 season only: 1. For 2020 only: A green horse or pony may retain green status if it has not been shown more than three times prior to September 1 2020. If it wishes to retain green status it must be withdrawn from competition at regular height. The owner must send a letter to the CHSA Secretary declaring that said horse or pony has been withdrawn. This must be done prior to November 1 st. A horse or pony may only retain green status one time.

2. For the divisions that require a jog, the jog has been suspended for the 2020 show season. Instead you are required to trot your hunter circle on a loose rein before exiting the ring.
Registration is open. Go to the Login tab and create an account. You can then add all the members and horses. Then view your list of members and horses. Click the Payment button and follow instructions!

TRAINERS - Please make sure you create your account as a trainer. This will allow you to see all of your clients. If you have created an account without identifying yourself as a trainer - please let Lorraine Parker know so she can fix it.

Please note that show fees are changing for 2020. CHSA has approved the following fees for the horse shows: Cost of a division: $50
Cost of a class: $25
CHSA Eq classes: $30
Short Stirrup class: $14
VHSA Medal class: $35
Post entry fee: $15

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