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CHSA Board Members

President Sarah Reazin (804) 690-5675
Vice President Megan Gross (804)
2nd Vice President Fiona Turner (804) 539-2455
Treasurer Barrett Wright (804)
Treasurer Emeritus Marilyn Garlick
Secretary Robyn Tipton (804) 350-0428
Webmaster Lorraine Parker (804) 837-7845
Other Members: Neal Blair
Jeff Bradner
Josie Bradner
Eric Dirks
Claire Durham
Suzanne Green
Sarah Mayes
Joan O'Keeffe
Jeanne Roberts
Lauryn Tannenhaus
Barrett Wright
Adult Am Rep: Kris Nordlie
Junior Reps: Robert Caputo
Annie Parent

Show Managers

Level Green Fiona Turner
C.P. Horse Shows Clyde Poarch
M.P. Horse Shows Michelle Poarch
Randolph-Macon College John West
Silver Lining Farm John West
Stonehouse Stables Tara Best
Cedar Valley Jill Tewksbury
The Winslett Advantage Gigi Winslett
Stillmeadows Sulu Reed
Lance & Bridle John West
Rose Mount Annie Garnett
Deep Run 1 and 2 Shannon Kruep

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