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  1. Please check the rules of eligibility for all divisions. It is your responsibility to follow the rules. Click here for a description of the CHSA divisions.

  2. In order for a horse to be eligible for year end points both it AND it's owner must be CHSA members.

  3. All members and horses must re-register (and pay) every season. Points accrue from the date of payment for membership.
  4. CHSA has the following points system.

    Points will be adjusted according to the number of exhibitors that COMPLETE the first class. The base points are 1st place 10 points
    2nd place 6 points
    3rd place 4 points
    4th place 2 points
    5th place 1 point
    6th place 0.5 points

    The following bonus points will be awarded for each class: For 3-5 exhibitors, there will be NO bonus points
    For 6-9 exhibitors, there will be 1 bonus point
    For 10 or more exhibitors, there will be 2 bonus points

  5. In coordination with the Virginia Pony Breeders Association, the CHSA offers High Score Awards to Registered Virginia-bred ponies. Year end Champion and Reserve Champion awards will be presented to the owners of the Registered Virginia-bred ponies scoring the highest number of points in a Small, Medium, Large or Green Pony Hunter section at CHSA shows. Awards are based on the official record of points kept by CHSA.

    To be eligible for this award, a pony must be registered with the Virginia Pony Breeders Association, exhibited under its registered name, and in the name of its last recorded owner as shown in the VPBA Registry. The owner must be a current VPBA member.

    For further information visit or contact Gayle Presson at or 804-784-5441.

  6. Please be aware that the CHSA age for our Pre-Short Stirrup and Short Stirrup (EQ) is under 13 on Dec 1, 2022. The VHSA Assoc Short Stirrup division (hunter) age is under 12 on Dec 1, 2022. So you may be eligible for our SS and NOT for the VHSA SS.

  7. ALL riders (not just those showing) must wear an approved helmet while riding on the show grounds for any CHSA show.

  8. Please remember to enter and exit the ring at a walk for the safety of all.
  10. Please remember that in order to be eligible for Champion and Reserve you must place in the top 4 over fences. In other words, when points are totaled for the over fences you must be ranked in the top 4 in order to be eligible for Champion or Reserve.

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