CHSA Graphic Horses in a field

Silver Lining 2 Results

Special Hunter

Over Fences

1After Eight ()
2Woodlands Valentine ()
3Embassy (Tara Best)
4Woodlands Take A Peek (Byrdie Paisley)
5Our Song ()
6Jack Be Nimble (Marran VanSickle)

Over Fences

1Corduroy (Lorraine Parker)
2Consultation ()
3Woodlands Valentine ()
4Macon My Day (Andrea Lindgren)
5Embassy (Tara Best)
6Waverly (Level Green Riding School)

Under Saddle

1Woodlands Valentine ()
2Corduroy (Lorraine Parker)
3Crystal Clear (Harper Walker)
4After Eight ()
5God's Gift (Annie Jones )
6Consultation ()

Champion Woodlands Valentine
Reserve Champion Corduroy

Color Meaning
Green Member
Red Non-Member

Jockeys racing

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